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Best Tipalti Alternatives

Top 15 Tipalti alternatives worth investing time and money on. Keep reading until the end as we give you insights on how to find the ideal AP tool for your business.
Bella Ward

From quick processing to greater data accuracy, the benefits of accounts payable automation are clear.

And one AP tool that’s making a name in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is Tipalti. It’s a software package trusted by start-ups, finance teams, and enterprises.

But if you’re looking for the best alternatives to Tipalti or just checking another option that would better fit your business needs, you’ve come to the right place. 

Below are the top 15 Tipalti alternatives worth investing time and money on. Keep reading until the end as we give you insights on how to find the ideal AP tool for your business.

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What is Tipalti?

Tipalti is cloud-based accounting software that automates supplier payment operations for accounts departments.

The platform aims to make it easy for finance departments to manage global payable operations by streamlining invoice processing, purchase order management, tax and regulatory compliance, supplier onboarding and vetting, early payments, real-time payment reconciliation and more.

Tipalti allows payments in the local currency of more than 190 countries. The payment method varies, depending on the country. These include wire transfer, ACH (automated clearing house), Global ACH (eCheck), prepaid and debit cards, and PayPal.

Let’s see how Tipalti compares to its top competitors:

Top 15 Tipalti Alternatives

1. Payvy AP Automation

Website: payvy.com

Payvy is an accounts payable automation tool that covers all payments, including invoice processing and reimbursements. 

You can automatically enter invoice data, find any document, route approvals, and pay vendors. Payvy’s approval process is simple. Simply set your approvers, and it automatically routes the bills to the right place to get them reviewed easily and paid fast.

It also comes with an Omnichannel inbox, where you receive your bills through email, upload, or directly into your Payvy inbox.

It’s perfect for small and large companies,  reducing a company’s manpower at each step of invoice processing.

Standout Feature: It serves as your unified inbox for all your business documents (bills, letters, checks, faxes, and more.

Explore how Payvy helps accounts payable teams automate operations. Start here for free

2. Balance B2B Checkout

Website: www.getbalance.com

Balance is a B2B (business-to-business) checkout that allows B2B merchants to pay when and how they want.

B2B refers to commerce between two businesses rather than between a business and the consumer. B2B transactions are usually at the wholesale level while B2C transactions are most often at the retail level.

Its developers saw the struggles of B2B merchants who could not complete the transition from offline to online transaction processing. And so, they created a solution specifically for B2B eCommerce marketplaces and businesses. 

With Balance API capabilities, users can modify and configure the experience to accommodate their vendor's and buyers’ needs. Users can likewise generate an invoice from checkout and pay a credit card, wire transfer, or check with it.

Standout Feature: Intuitive checkout that allows business buyers to choose when and how to pay – with flexible terms.

3. NetSuite’s Cloud Accounting Software

Website: www.netsuite.com

This cloud accounting software simplifies the process of managing receivables and payables, recording transactions, collecting taxes, and more. 

With its accounts payable automation capability, the tool improves financial controls and closes faster. Aside from AP automation and other features mentioned earlier, NetSuite software likewise enables accurate, timely reporting and better control of financial assets.

Just like Tipalti, this software takes care of your reporting, project management, and compliance in a fraction of the time.

Standout Feature: It has international account management and consolidation capabilities.

4. Transcepta Cloud-based Software

Website: www.transcepta.com

Ranked as among the best Tipalti alternatives, Transcepta is an AP automation tool that provides supply chain visibility, reduces AP costs, and controls cash.

This AI-based platform creates a digital supplier link, automatically matches purchase order-based invoices and efficiently routes, approves, and codes non-PO-invoices. And since you manage invoices better, it removes supplier payment inquiries and invoice exceptions.

You can also easily manage supplier information – banking details, w-9s, and contact information – all in one platform.

Standout Feature: Reports and dashboards are easily shared with the right people in your company. 

5. MineralTree’s TotalAP Accounts Payable Automation

Website: www.mineraltree.com/solutions/total-ap/

Our next Tipalti alternative that is easy to use and offers good value for money is MineralTree’s Total AP. This accounting system automation tool automates and digitizes the entire invoice-to-pay process of a company.

Best suited for mid-market businesses, this solution makes paying suppliers impactful, profitable, and easy. It can process hundreds to tens of thousands of invoices monthly, giving your team enough time to focus on other things that will support business growth without adding a headcount.

Although it is a little pricey, one of the best features in this tool is a three-way time between automated workflows, multi-stage approvals, and payment methods.

Standout Feature: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology automatically captures invoice data in the accounting system while adding human oversight to guarantee 99.5% accuracy in every invoice.

6. OnPay Solutions

Website: onpaysolutions.com

Now part of Medius global payment software, OnPay is automation software that enhances productivity and efficiency for accounts payable. It likewise reinvents supplier payments through a single automated process. 

This leading provider of AP automation takes care of all your ACH, check, and card payments in a seamless process. The uploads in the platform are easy and the customer service is responsive.

Standout Feature: OnPay Solutions provides cloud-based, cost-effective, and bank-level secure payment processes.

7. Payoneer Payment Platform

Website: www.payoneer.com

Payoneer is a payment platform that allows users to send and receive payments without a merchant account.

How this tool works is that businesses first send requests for payment to their customers. The customers can then pay online via credit card or bank account. The funds will land in the Payoneer account and the business directly moves the funds to its bank account or spend the amount via the Payoneer debit card.

You can manage cross-border payments through this platform. It also features multiple payment options, including credit/debit card payment, local bank transfer, and ACH Bank Debit. Hence, it’s a popular option for international businesses, freelancers and users of e-commerce marketplaces like Upwork and Airbnb.

Payoneer moreover integrates with the Free Invoice Builder tool to create professional-looking invoices. These online invoices can even be customized to specific clients and they can save payment details, company, and contact for recurring invoices.

Standout Feature: Smooth payment transactions for sending and accepting payments.

8. Fund EZ

Website: fundez.com

Fund EZ is an accounting software for nonprofits. The tool helps users track and create budgets across fiscal years. 

Through it, users can detail their budgets for multiple projects, grants, programs, locations, departments, and funding sources.

It has an easy-to-use interface. “That’s why ‘easy’ is in our name,” as written on their official website. Users can access the necessary data and filter, sort, print, export, or email information.

This software is a great fit for many nonprofits, including those involved in higher education, healthcare, faith-based ministries, and animal welfare.

Standout Feature: Easy-to-use display items that are specifically designed for nonprofit accounting.

9. Bizautomation Cloud ERP

Website: www.bizautomation.com 

Bizautomation offers a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system for easy accessibility through the Internet. 

This tool is marketable for small to medium-sized businesses. It features accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), order management, e-commerce, inventory, project management, supplier management, and purchase planning. 

This software is designed for retail businesses, organizations, and smaller distributors or wholesalers with simple manufacturing needs. Its user interface is modern and nice, with a customizable dashboard.

It has a decent CRM, solid inventory control, and strong accounting features.

Standout Feature: It has excellent expense and bill management functions. Employees can enter expenses manually or from attachments in email using AI automation or OCR.

10. Stampli

Website: www.stampli.com

Stampli is an accounts payable software that brings together AP documentation, communications, payments, and corporate cards all in one place. It allows accounts payable to have better visibility and full control over corporate spending.

When a business enters its communications on top of the invoice, accounts payable departments communicate and collaborate better with vendors, approvers, and all involved with purchases.

The goal of Stampli is to speed up approvals. It is also very flexible – it fits seamlessly into other financial systems, including QuickBooks, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Intacct, NetSuite, and more.

Standout Feature: It has a robust accounts payable invoice management system.

11. Simplain Vendor Portal

Website: www.simplain.com

Simplain Vendor Portal provides automated and customizable approval workflows for grocery retailers and wholesalers. This software facilitates data exchange and collaboration between vendors and retailers using an easy-to-use tool.

This SaaS tool works well for managing item catalogs and assortments. You can also use this for PO, deals and rebates, cost, DSD assortment, and invoice management. 

Standout Feature: Item management is a highly customizable module that allow vendors and retailers to collaborate with item introduction.

12. FMIS Fixed Asset Management

Website: www.fmis.co.uk

FMIS is a cloud-based fixed asset management tool that details different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

The primary features of this tool include asset tracking, fixed asset depreciation, fixed asset lease accounting, maintenance inventory management, document management, and depreciation forecasting.

Fully compliant with GAAP, IFRS, and all major accounting standards, this software also has a fixed asset accounting module that tracks assets from the acquisition. It tracks the location, history, and status of all assets, equipment, and inventory across multiple companies and sites.

Standout Feature:  Asset tracking solution, which gives users complete control of their assets, equipment, and inventory.

13. Rydoo

Website: www.rydoo.com

Rydoo is an expense management solution allowing users to control their expenses. They can also see the expense data instantly and approve or reject expenses anytime, anywhere, as long as the device is connected to the Internet.

Users simply have to take photos of receipts through their phones. They can then upload it to the Rydoo app or forward it via email. Then, the Rydoo AI will extract the key receipt data (merchant, amount, and date) and automatically turn the information into an expense.

Standout Feature: Rydoo helps users stay compliant with every country by putting mileage rates, correct rules, tax rates, and per diems.

14. BUSY Accounting Software

Website: busy.in

BUSY is a business accounting and management software that helps users stay in control of their business completely. 

It covers complete financial accounting, multi-brand management, multi-tax capabilities, multi-currency, multi-location inventory, payroll, order processing, invoicing, MIS, and more. All of these can help users make informed decisions for their businesses.

This accounting software comes in three editions to fill the diverse needs of businesses: Basic, Standard, and Enterprise. The Basic edition has a minimal feature covering basic inventory, statutory reports, accounting, and invoicing.

The Standard edition already has advanced features and is best for medium-level businesses. On the other hand, the Enterprise edition is meant for larger firms and has multiple locations/ branches or many users.

Standout Feature: You can easily create Goods & Services Tax (GST)-compliant professional invoices.

15. Worksuite

Website: worksuite.com

Worksuite (formerly Shortlist) is a freelance management platform brands use to grow their businesses. It provides a cloud-based platform for organizations of all sizes to onboard, source, review/rate, manage, and pay their external workforce, including service providers and freelancers worldwide.

This complete solution for small startups and big enterprises has powerful features. These include project assignments, performance tracking, service procurement, payments, and metric tracking.

This platform also uses tools to optimize, customize, and automate the onboarding process. It also keeps track of prospects, applicants, and contractors.

Standout Feature: The Enterprise Freelance Management System (FMS) itself is flexible and helps companies manage independent contractors and their projects.

How to Choose the Right Accounts Payable Automation Software For Your Business

  • Define your accounts payable ecosystem

First and foremost, understand the intricacies of your invoice processing. Doing so will help you define your accounts payable landscape and determine the features you’ll need in your business. 

How does your firm receive invoices from vendors? Do you receive invoices in PDF format via email or on paper? These are some important questions that can help define your AP ecosystem.

  • Map your accounts payable invoice process

You must map your current AP invoice process to choose the right software for your company. No one knows the weakness in your present AP process more than you and the people working with you.

So, take the time to examine your organization’s accounts payable process to identify each step and substep. The better you can map out the current process, the easier it will be to automate and result in a more efficient workflow.

  • Identify your software requirements

How will the software integrate into your present business workflow? Will it make your process more efficient? Document these to identify the areas that your company can improve on.

  • Run a net savings analysis

Cost is obviously an important factor when choosing the AP automation solution. After investing in a tool, how soon will you see a return on your investment? How much will the automation software save for your business?


So, have you decided to automate your AP process? Smart move! You’ll definitely save time and money. 

When appropriately implemented, any of these solutions offer a great way to transform your business’ workflows that have previously been manual. 

Start an assessment today of how automating your AP process can transform the way you do your business.

Looking for the right AP automation software that runs efficiently and securely? Check out Payvy and see how it can take your business payables to the next level.

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