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Invoice Extraction

Eliminate boring data entry. Our bots scan your invoices for relevant data and enter them for your review.

Accounting Integration

We sync paperwork, bills, payments and contacts directly into your accounting system.

$0.35 Next Day Payments

Pay your vendors within 1 business day for less than the cost of a stamp. Reduce your processing time in half.


Security is our top priority

We take security seriously. We focus on providing an environment that goes above and beyond the industry security standards.

We provide device-based authentication. An important extra layer of security to make sure your account can only be accessed by you.
We use 128 bit TLS encryption to encrypt your data end-to-end so you do not have to worry about "man in the middle" attacks trying to access your data.
Servers are monitored 24x7 by trained security guards and utilize state of the art surveillance. In addition, we regularly monitor software vulnerabilities for additional protection.


Avg Cost of Writing One Check


Faster Payments with ACH than Checks


Time Savings Over Manual Checks


Affordable Packages

Honest pricing. No hidden costs. Cancel at anytime.


$10Per User, Billed Annually

  • UnlimitedFile Storage
  • In-AppMessaging
  • XeroIntegration
  • 0Scanned Pages
  • 9-5 PSTEmail Support
30 Day free Trial

Small Business

$15Per User, Billed Annually

  • UnlimitedFile Storage
  • In-AppMessaging
  • XeroIntegration
  • 100Scanned Pages
  • 9-5 PSTEmail Support
30 day free trial


$20Per User, Billed Annually

  • UnlimitedFile Storage
  • In AppMessaging
  • XeroIntegration
  • 200Scanned Pages
  • 9-5 PSTPhone and Email Support
30 Day free Trial

Ach Payments

Next day ACH Payments from your escrow account. No additional setup or monthly fees.


Per Payment

Check Issuing

Automated check issuing to your vendors within 5-7 business days. No additional setup or monthly fees.


Per Check (domestic)


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Automate your business with us. Check out what you're missing.

Simple Design

A simple layout allows you to train your staff fast

Unparalleled Visibility

See where your money is going and where you've spent with our reporting tools

Streamlined Approvals

Everyone has controlled access to the info they need and manage your cash flow

Full Auditing

Audit the history of any bill to help manage your business effectively

In App Communication

Have a question? Just email directly in the app and keep all the information contained

Secure Payments

128 bit end to end encryption


Amazing Process

To help you better understand how Payvy helps you manage your business and paperwork lets assume we have received an invoice from Dunder Mifflin for office supplies. Typically those invoices would be mailed to your office, routed to your AP clerk, entered into a database, a statement would be printed for approval, after the approval is accepted, a check is printed, signed by the authorized signer and mailed to the vendor.

Antiquated processes add a lot of opportunities for mistakes, fraud, and wasted time. Here is how Payvy can help you solve these issues.

  • Jan, 12
    Dunder Mifflin sends in an electronic invoice to your custom Payvy email address.
  • Jan, 12
    Your invoice is received in your inbox and scanned by Payvy to extract the relevant data.
  • Jan, 13
    The AP Clerk opens Payvy to review the outstanding invoices and creates an invoice to be approved and paid.
  • Jan, 14
    The AP Clerk submits the bill for approval, and the approver is notified via email about a bill that needs review.
  • Jan, 15
    The approver reviews the bill, matches against any outstanding purchase orders and submits for payment.
  • Jan, 16
    A notification is sent to the payer for payment. A payment is made directly to the vendor bank account the next day.

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