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Best Melio Alternatives for 2023

Manual accounts payable can be error-prone and time-consuming, often encroaching on business owners’ and employees’ weekends and evenings.
Hilda Bahringer

Manual accounts payable can be error-prone and time-consuming, often encroaching on business owners’ and employees’ weekends and evenings.

Yet, it’s a job that shouldn’t be rushed, as mistakes can be costly. Invoices not paid can upset suppliers, damage a business's reputation and credit rating, and cause clients to lose out on early-payment incentives. That’s where accounts payable software becomes beneficial.

Although Melio is a popular AP tool, there are some disadvantages:

  • it can only pay firms located in the US
  • it only integrates with QuickBooks
  • According to feedback on sites like GetApp and Capterra, bill payments occasionally arrive late.

All these points can cause many headaches for you and your accountant.

Hence, we compiled this comprehensive list of the best alternatives to Melio to provide you with other options. We included these based on value for money, features, ease of use, and customer support.

What is Melio?

Melio is an accounts payable solution that enables businesses to make debit and credit card payments and ACH bank transfers to vendors. Key features include

  • Invoicing
  • automated data synchronization
  • payment schedule, and
  • payment reminders

ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments happen when money is transferred from one bank account to another.

This software allows employees to manually add billing or vendor details and upload invoice images or documents on a unified platform.

12 Best Melio Alternatives

1. Payvy

Website: https://payvy.com/

Payvy is an accounts payable automation software designed for growing companies to speed up their AP processing and reduce overhead costs.

It provides different ways to pay your vendors, such as through credit card, physical check, ACH, or from the platform. It can pay and track the entire process.

Payvy further provides a unified inbox where you can store all your payments under one roof. It is easy to use, and you’ll know exactly where your money goes.

It has built-in machine-learning technology that scans all inbound documents and enters invoices into the system for approval. These features eliminate AP errors.

Unlike Melio, which integrates only with QuickBooks, Payvy’s accounting integration includes QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero. Connecting your general ledger directly through these platforms can reduce data entry and easily match transactions to locations and classes.

What industries does this accounting software work best for?

Payvy works for every industry that has vendors to pay. However, here are some industries that this software works best because of its feature set.

  • Retail
  • Professional services
  • Food and beverages
  • Home Services
  • Healthcare
  • Personal services
  • Logistics
  • Construction

Best features: All-in-one expense management platform, bills get reviewed and paid fast through its simple approval process and automated data entry.

2. Bill.com

Website: https://www.bill.com/

Bill.com is an accounts payable, accounts receivable, and credit and expense management platform. It is designed for small businesses, midsize companies, and accounting firms.

As an alternative to Melio, this tool provides you with a view of your business’ entire accounts payable process. 

How can it help you pay vendors and contractors?

The software prints the first page of the invoice. It allows you to pay vendors electronically through a simple invite email and notifies them of the sending of payment. 

You can even pay vendors in multiple countries or use multiple currencies with international wires, ACH payments, and virtual cards or checks. Furthermore, it acts seamlessly with QuickBooks like Melio.

This cloud-based software solution provider connects businesses with clients and suppliers and helps them manage cash inflows and outflows.

Best features: Simple dashboard overview, auto-sync or data integration, manages international payments across different countries and currencies and automates payments from start to finish.

3. Zoho Books

Website: https://www.zoho.com/books/

Zoho Books is an online accounting software that keeps up with your company’s invoices and bills, controls your spending, reconciles your bank statements, eliminates compliance worries, and helps oversee projects.

This Melio alternative accounting system is designed to help businesses connect across multiple platforms. It has a library containing over 300 business apps and other built-in connections, like the Zoho suite.

It even has a time-tracking feature, giving you a clearer view of the time spent on projects and invoice customers for that work.

Best features: Inventory management, contact management, online payment, managing expenses, and collaborative customer portal.

4. Tipalti

Website: https://tipalti.com/

Tipalti automates accounts payable and payments workflow in a single platform. It aims to make it easier for finance departments to manage their global payables operations.

It features touchless invoice processing, which uses machine learning. Through it, users can execute payments in different currencies and methods. These include ACH, prepaid debit cards, global ACH, cash, live check, and wire. It even has built-in fraud detection for added security.

By reconciling and syncing multi-entity payables data with accounting systems and ERP, Tipalti’s payment reconciliation feature speeds up financial close. 

Best features: Supplier onboarding and vetting, purchase order management, invoice processing, and tax and regulatory compliance.

5. QuickBooks Online Advanced

Website: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/online/advanced/

QuickBooks Online Advanced is a cloud-based accounting software that simplifies the accounting processes of mid-size and growing businesses.

It offers plenty of accounting services that a firm needs, such as fixed asset management and handling accounts receivable and payable. It even includes all core accounting features of QuickBooks and is enhanced with other tools.

These include visual cash flow, online back-up and restore, revenue dashboards, custom user roles for up to 25 users, and customizable business analytics.

This SaaS-based accounting tool allows users to do batch invoicing to reduce cost and save time. Moreover, it comes with a mobile app that enables employees to access real-time data across different locations.

Some users claim that they prefer this tool because it’s a time-saver and pocket-friendly. They enjoy their work experience with it.

Best features: Automate workflows, contains all core accounting features of QuickBooks, AP, AR, cash management, expense management, and bank reconciliation.

6. Routable

Website: https://routable.com/

Routable is another good Melio alternative. This accounts payable platform makes it easy for users to send business-to-business (B2B) payments.

Users can process ACH payments and invoices. You can even pay contractors and vendors across 200 countries in local currency. And don’t worry about updating your other accounting software. It works and syncs with Xero, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, and Sage Intacct.

Best features: Unlimited approval rules, vendor management (communication and contacts), and vendor onboarding and compliance.

7. Shift4 (SecurionPay)

Website: https://dev.shift4.com/securionpay-is-now-shift4/

Shift4, previously called SecurionPay, is a commerce technology solution. Although they change its name, it still operates the same way as SecurionPay.

It automates your AP and payment process, supporting over 160 currencies and payment methods to operate in your market of choice. 

Additionally, it allows the creation of on-page payments or multi-step checkout pages. Then, you can integrate such directly on your website. Its clear and concise instructions make it easier to create a payment process with fewer forms to fill out. 

Best features: Debit and credit card support, multiple billing models, and recurring billing.

8. Worldpay

Website: https://www.fisglobal.com/en-gb/merchant-solutions-worldpay

Worldpay is a powerful accounting tool for small business owners and their accountants. Acquired by FIS in 2019, this software allows you to take payments directly from your app or website.

It is easy to use and integrate. It allows users to collect in-person and online payments via smartphones, desktops, and tablets. 

At the basic level, it offers a secure online payment page that can be linked to an online shopping basket. This allows you to process and authorize card payments via a secure gateway.

The enterprise features include subscription and recurring payments, data analytics, fraud and risk management, currency conversion, language translation, and alternative payment methods (bank transfer and e-wallets).

Worldpay provides specific industry solutions for digital content, airlines, global retail, video games, gambling, and travel. All these features make WorldPay a global leader in payment processing.

Best features: ACH payment processing, in-person payments, data analytics, and fraud and risk management solution.

9. Billtrust

Website: https://www.billtrust.com/

Billtrust is an order-to-cash solutions provider. The order-to-cash process comprises these segments: order, credit, presentment of an invoice, payment collections, and cash. 

It integrates and automates all these functions, and one of its standout features is that it allows you to deliver your invoices globally automatically, simplifying the billing process.

Best features: Invoice generation and distribution, automated credit applications, digital B2b payments, automated cash application, and cash flow management.

10. Patriot Accounting

Website: https://www.patriotsoftware.com/

Patriot is an accounting software that helps users track money transactions, pay bills, print forms, toggle between cash basis and accrual, and invoice customers. It’s easy to use, even for non-accountants.

For business owners, it conveniently allows you to pay vendors and track those payments. Simply choose a vendor, key in payment details, approve it, and print the paychecks. For the Accounting Basic cost plan, you can add in as many vendors as you need –  no limits.

It also has a payroll feature that promises accurate tax calculations. Another great feature of this software is account reconciliation. Compare your business statements to your recorded software transactions for liability accounts, equity, and assets, and reconcile any differences.

Best features: payroll management, tax management, billing and invoicing, expense tracking, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payment processing.


Website: https://www.finsync.com/

FINSYNC is a cloud-based accounting, financing, invoicing, and payroll solution. It helps businesses manage cash flow, taxes, timesheets, and more in a unified platform.

It likewise allows users to accept payments and store payment information. It integrates with payment processing gateways, like Worldpay, Paypal, and Stripe.

As for its accounts payable features, it tracks money owed to the organization’s suppliers or creditors. Further, it provides a comprehensive overview of the business’ finances.

Primary features of this solution include automated tax returns, real-time expense tracking, proximity-based tracking, integrated direct deposit, high-level overviews, projected cash flow, customized payment schedules, and auto-payment activation.

Users receive free onboarding and one hour per month of assistance if needed.

Best features: Cash flow management, project tracking, expense reimbursement, accounting.

12. Fortis (OmniFund)


Fortis, previously known as OmniFund, is a cloud-based online payment solution designed for small and mid-size businesses. 

It allows you to automate business payments through eCheck, recurring payments, Level III, Mobile, eInvoicing, and online bill payments. 

This tool features ACH integration, allowing you to connect your cards from different providers. These include MasterCard and Visa for verification and processing of credit card information. 

It likewise features fraud detection, alerting you when it identifies signs of fraud. The parameters it uses for fraud evaluation are speed of data entry, keystrokes, credit history, and customer information. The solution offers developer tools, like .NET, PHP, SOAP, Ruby, and REST, for custom applications.

Best features: PCI-compliant, seamless transaction experience, dynamic reporting tools, text-to-pay, and ACH/EFT and check.


Whether you are considering shifting your business approach, worried about profits, or your business is growing fast, now is the best time to take a hard look at your business process. Then, assess the benefits of accounts payable automation software.

Switching from manual to automated AP doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Find the right accounts payable software above that meets your business needs. By doing so, you’ll see improved accounting process efficiency and ROI.

Discover how your accounts payable team can do more in less time with Payvy.

We help companies reduce overhead and speed up AP processing. Request a demo with us today to find out more.

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